How to Check and Fix your Roof from Damage?

During those rainy days and endless night of rain pouring from the skies, there might be something larger than an air drop falling from the sky. Knowing that rain drops can fall in the form of ice as well, it’s wise to check your roof after hard winter or fall season. Here are some tips on how to check your roof condition before the rainy days come, without calling for a technician or a handyman.

Get The Right Equipment

Find your nearest store, shopping mall, or a K-Mart and bring the list of tools you will need for this little project. You won’t need much, as the most important thing you will need is a small ladder, a flashlight and a couple of screwdrivers and an electric drill. Now that you’ve got everything for checking and repairing your roof you can drive back home and start preparing.


Check the inner side of your roof by poking inch by inch of your roof. Get a flashlight, a screwdriver and go to your attic. Start from one side and poke the inner side of roof, inch by inch until you finish and end up on the other side. If you hear a cracking sound on that spot, simply mark it and continue checking. Some parts of your roof might be damaged from hailstones, and you don’t even know it. So after checking and determining whether your roof is damaged or not you can continue to the next step.

Call a Professional or Do it yourself

Now that you know which roof tile is damaged and which ones are intact you can act yourself or call for a professional help. If you decide you want to do it yourself, simply buy some roof tiles and replace them one by one. Be careful though not to damage the other ones while you pull the damaged one.