Our Story

We started as a small company in Kansas, and like all small companies in their beginning stages of progress, we needed something new and fresh to break through and succeed. It was Jasmine Howard’s idea, our founder, to create a unique roofing system that will protect from weather effects and look appealing too. By combing modern technology with our creative ideas and efficient methods, we’ve found a way to bring you some of the best innovations in roofing systems since 2001. Not only that these materials used for covering your roof, are highly affordable, but they are also easy to install.

No matter how big is your house or what your previous architect’s concept was, we can always find a way to adjust your idea to your house’s structure. It’s our job to bring you what you need. You job is to pick a roofing system that you want, sit back relax and watch the show, as our professional team will take care of the rest.

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